Want to drink like Gatsby?

Let’s face it, who doesn’t?

F Scott Fitzgerald’s masterpiece, The Great Gatsby, vividly captures the style and sophistication of the roaring 1920s, a time when a cocktail was never far from reach (oh how much do I wish I were a flapper?)

Gatsby Cocktails: Classic Cocktails From The Jazz Age (Ryland Peters & Small, £6.99) brings together some of the classic recipes of the jazz age so you can recreate the speakeasy experience in your own kitchen.

Here are my two  favourites…

Dirty Martini

Dirty Martini

This Martini is also known as the FDR after the man who called an end to Prohibition in the 1930s. The President was an accomplished bartender who loved nothing more than flourishing his shaker for any head of state with a like mind or a dry palate.

What you’ll need:
50ml/2oz gin
1 dash dry vermouth
12.5ml/2 barspoons olive brine
Lemon zest, for the glass
One green olive, to garnish

Serves 1

Add the gin, dry vermouth and olive brine to a shaker filled with cracked ice. Shake sharply and strain into a chilled martini glass with a lemon-zested edge. Garnish with an olive.

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