Cocktail o’clock?

I dream of being the kind of girl who throws impromptu soirees. Sadly I’m not. But if I was, I think these vodka-based cocktails would go down rather well…

By Xavier Herit at Daniel Restaurant, NYC

Serves one

1.7 fl.oz/50ml Snow Queen Vodka
0.85 fl.oz/25ml Saint Germain Elderflower liqueur
0.42 fl.oz/12.5ml Lime juice
0.85 fl.oz/25ml White cranberry juice
1 edible flower

1. Put all the ingredients into a Boston shaker with a handful of ice cubes
2. Shake vigorously for 20 seconds
3. Strain and serve in a chilled martini glass
4. Garnish with the edible flower

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After the first glass…

“After the first glass, you see things as you wish they were. After the second, you see things as they are not. Finally, you see things as they really are, and that is the most horrible thing in the world.”

― Oscar Wilde