So wrong, but oh so right!

I am firmly of the belief that a little bit of what you fancy never did anyone any harm.

But that doesn’t mean I can’t see that, in theory, combining a rather nice bottle of Champagne with two saveloy and a big portion of chips isn’t a good idea.

But in reality, it’s bloody nice.

Champagne and chips

On Friday I cracked open a bottle of Canard-Duchêne Authentic Réserve Brut. It would actually be ideal for special occasions, and worth savouring. But, well, there was me, my take-away, and an empty Champagne flute just sitting there (what is a girl to do, hey?)

Aged for three years in the cellars, the Champagne is filled with subtle aromas of exotic fruits. And it’s really not too dry.

It’s also not silly expensive, costing £26.99 at Waitrose (and in actual fact it’s on special offer at the moment, so a bottle of this will cost you less than £20!)

It was perfect for my lazy night in but would have been equally as ideal for a party. This is a fizz I shall be enjoying again… And again…

For more information:
Buy yourself a bottle:


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