Ritz 100 at The Rivoli Bar

Katy Pearson cocktails

Priced at £20 this isn’t the cheapest cocktail you’ll ever sip… but my goodness is it good!

Combining Gold Infused Ketal One Vodka (yes, those are actual bits of gold swimming in your glass), with Grand Marnier and Peach Liquor and Champagne, this cocktail is everything you’d expect drinks at The Ritz London to be.

That’s hardly suprising mind you, as The Rivoli Bar at The Ritz London, where I and friends spent part of our Saturday night,  is renowned for its extensive cocktail list. Indeed bartenders have used their talents of concoction to create a collection of classic cocktails with aged spirits, apéritifs and bitters so you can literally enjoy a taste of a different time.

Ritz 100

The Ritz 100 cocktail is fresh, sweet and packs quite a punch, so don’t gulp (not that you would anyway…)

And if you fancy, um, mixing things up a little, the Dazzling Gems is also delightful (Beluga Vodka, Lavender and Blueberry Cordial, Champagne and Violet Air Emulsion.)

For more information: www.theritzlondon.com


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