An *actual* beer pump

So, obviously, I’m not actually going to try this myself (beer, ew) but the fellas might enjoy it.

Earlham Street Clubhouse, the 90s American-inspired cocktail and pizza joint in the heart of Covent Garden, today introduced a custom made, vintage Esso gas-pump-turned-beer-pump.

Yep. That’s a Retro Esso pump. Direct from Route 66. A beer pump. That’ll serve ice cold beer directly to the table.

Whatever next?

Beer pump

Uh huh. An actual beer pump.

For those of us not feeling the beer pump, Earlham Street Clubhouse has an extensive cocktail list designed by expert drinks consultants, Soul Shakers. It features inventive twists on the American classics, adding a nostalgic flourish with tongue and cheek names taken from 90s pop culture.

Fancy giving the beer pump a go? Find out more here:


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