Champagne sales fall as we turn to cheaper sparkling wines

It’s hardly the most surprising of news (there has been something of a recession after all) but Champagne shipments to the UK dropped last year.

And research shows that sales of cheaper sparkling wines like cava and prosecco soared during the same period of time.

Volume sales of Champagne were down 5.1 per cent and value sales dropped 3.8 per cent, the UK Champagne Bureau revealed. But sparkling wine excluding Champagne grew 8 per cent in volume and 15 per cent in value.

But, it’s not the end of our love affair with champers (obviously!) Britain remains the top export destination of the Champagne region in France, and we’ve been Champagne’s number one export market for the past 18 years (of the 136.6million bottles exported in 2013, 30.8m were shipped here!)

What do you prefer to drink though? Cast your vote below…


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