The Monterrico at Nightjar

I don’t like rum. I never have. My dad adores it – in pretty much all its guises. But rum and me? Well, we’ve never really hit it off.

But I do like a cocktail (as you may well have gathered.) And I love chocolate. So I was prepared to give rum-based cocktail The Monterrico a go.

And good golly, was that a good idea!

The Monterrico at Nightjar. Beats an Easter egg everytime...

The Monterrico at Nightjar. Beats an Easter egg everytime…

The Monterrico, available over Easter Weekend exclusively at Nightjar, is made with Ron Zacapa. This is a crucial fact. Ron Zacapa is the pinnacle of super premium rums. Which in short means it’s a rum that’s actually nice. (Indeed so stunned was I by this fact I did actually drink a shot of Ron Zacapa 23 neat to check that it wasn’t the rest of the bits in the cocktail making it so moreish. It wasn’t.)

The Ron Zacapa 23 blend used in the cocktail (created exclusively by Ron Zacapa’s Brand Ambassador Dan Dove and Nightjar’s Bar Manager Marian Beke), is aged 2,300m above sea level in Guatemala and was expertly paired with a delectable trio of Rococo ganaches (as chosen, by the way, by Rococo Principle Chocolatier Barry Johnson.)

Not only did The Monterrico taste amazing – it looked pretty darn good too. (Yes those are actual toasted cocoa nibs on the base of the glass.) Certainly a little more impressive than a gaudy chocolate egg hey?

Can’t get to Nightjar but need The Monterrico in your life this Easter? Here’s the recipe…

The Monterrico

  • 50ml Ron Zacapa 23
  • 12.5 ml fresh lime
  • 12.5ml homemade grenadine
  • 20ml carob-infused Amer Picon
  • 7.5ml Orange liqueur

Method: Stir all ingredients over ice in a mixing glass, strain into a coupe glass and garnish with Rococo chocolates and toasted cocoa nibs on the base of the glass.
(The Monterrico = 2.7 units)

Instant luxury. The new Ron Zacapa 23 and Rococo Easter Gift set is available now at Alexander & James,£69.75:

More about Nightjar:


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