Cocktails at TESCO?! Yes really…

So supermarkets. They haven’t exactly been the first word in glamour over the years, have they?

They’re cold (damn those fridge and freezer aisles), vast (just how many different types of toilet cleaner do you need?!) and you ALWAYS end up pushing a trolley with a wheel that’s having its own little party.

Safe to say, I don’t exactly relish doing our weekly shop.

But yesterday, things changed a little.

I was invited to take a look at Tesco‘s brand new home and lifestyle ranges – at their super swish new store in Watford. And it was a rather (unexpectedly) nice surprise. While the £1 wine glasses are still there (because there is always a need for £1 wine glasses at some point in your life) the new season’s offerings are unlike anything that has gone before.

Tesco Homeware

Who wouldn’t love this lantern?

It didn’t come as a huge surprise then, to learn that a new Head of Design and Head of Buying for the supermarket giant have spent a year basically starting from scratch. Gone are the 50 different shades of cream. Gone are the (often) tacky vases. Gone are the mugs you get the urge to hide at the back of your cupboard whenever anyone visits. In are collections that wouldn’t look out of place in John Lewis. Or Laura Ashley. Or Next.

My particular favourites were the nautical-esque lanterns. The vintage postcard crockery. And the seaside wall art. But to be honest, I would have happily had most of it in my home.

Tesco homeware

Yes, Tesco, yes! This is *exactly* how summers should be spent!

Anyway… home style aside, the other big revelation for me was the fact after a hard morning shopping, I could enjoy a cocktail at Tesco. A real actual, alcoholic cocktail. At Tesco. Who knew?

At the new Watford store (which is the blueprint for 80 other Tesco Extras across the UK by the way) there is a Giraffe restaurant. Family-friendly, it’s not hard to see why Tesco bought the restaurant chain last year (for a reported £48.6m.) And Giraffe have a very Katy-friendly cocktail list.

Berry Bellini - Tesco

So, yes, I shall mostly be enjoying one (or two) of these

I happily went for a Berry Bellini (£6.75, combining strawberry & cassis coulis with prosecco delicately floating on top), but only after I’d spent a while mulling over whether to have a Melon Margarita or a Mojito.

Thank you Tesco! My supermarket shopping trips will never be the same again… Hurrah!

Like what you see? The new Tesco home and living range is on sale now:



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