Marvellous Moddershall

I am firmly of the belief that, in life, there are two types of spa guests.

There are those for whom a trip to a spa is a chance to be super-healthy. They crave foul-looking smoothies full of super-foods, want to be bullied into new healthy regimes, measuring the success of their mini-break in inches and/or lbs lost.

And there are those, like me, for whom a spa trip is all about indulgence. Moddershall Oaks was marvellously indulgent.

After a madly busy few weeks for us both, the hubby and I had decided to give the Staffordshire retreat’s Spa Escape package a go. A one night break it promised to give us “everything you need to escape the outside world.. spa, food and treatments.”

We wanted to be pampered. To relax. To de-stress. And they certainly delivered.

Katy Pearson at Moddershall Oaks

A glass of Zonin Prosecco Rose for me and a Moddershall Oaks G&T for the hubby certainly helped us relax!

The spa facilities were among the best I’ve experienced – up there with the hidden gem that is Centre Parcs. (There was plenty to keep the hubby from getting bored – always crucial. Men, it seems, just don’t have the same ability to enjoy not doing, well, not much at all.)

Our luxury hotel suite (one of ten) was as plush as you could wish (underfloor heating, a king-size bed, private decking area and, er, an exclusive hot tub) and the restaurant? The view from our table of the lake (where kingfishers gather, btw) was positively soothing to the soul.

For those other type of spa guests, any kind of alcohol is a no-no. Thankfully Moddershall more than caters for those of us who like a flute fizz with our fun.

A glass of Zonin Prosecco Rose while sat in my fluffy dressing gown in the late afternoon sun truly signalled our retreat from the rest of the world had begun. Before dinner another flute of fizz – for me – and a Moddershall Oaks G&T (Bombay Sapphire, tonic, lime twist and Juniper berries) – for the husband – put a happy seal on really relaxing day.

For a spa with none of the snootiness and all of the spirit-soothing-ness, Moddershall Oaks will take some beating.

Fancy a visit yourself? Visit for more information.


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