Drinks in TOWIE town

“In Brentwood, people like to be seen,” Glen O’Conner the super friendly manager of the Slug and Lettuce, in the aforementioned town, informs me

This does not come as that much of a surprise. Brentwood is, after all, home to The Only Way Is Essex (TOWIE), and boasts no less than 13 TOWIE haunts (including Amy Childs’ Salon, Minnies, and of course, the Sugar Hut.) And me, for the past eight years.

As such, in keeping with what’s hip in Brentwood (babes), the husband and me found ourselves sat in a booth with a floor to ceiling window, on a sunny Sunday evening.

Katy Pearson - Brentwood

A cheeky Prosecco? Don’t mind if I do…

We could certainly see what was going on. And everyone could definitely see us (as evidenced by the little toe-rag who stuck his tongue out at us.)

When we popped into the Slug (as it is affectionately known by regulars) it was just ahead of the bar’s upcoming makeover. While to my eyes all looked fine, Glen confided the new look would be “more bling, more now.” So now you know…

Before tucking in to the bar’s new menu – just a few weeks old – I had a cheeky glass of Prosecco. At £4.40 a flute it’s especially reasonable for fizz found on the TOWIE trail.

While I’ve been to the bar a few times I’ve never eaten there – clearly a school girl error on my part. The potato wedges were HUGE. I had them as a starter, but I think if I’d have ordered them as a main, I’d still have been overwhelmed. I was even struggling to manage my bellini! (Strawberry flavour btw, for £9.15.)

The Slug, Brentwood

Perfect sunny Sunday fare – a strawberry bellini (for me) and a Long Island iced tea (for him)

As it was, the husband helped me out, leaving me to crack on with a lasagne (yummy), a cookie cup explosion (epic) and the better part of a bottle of Rose Brut, Fantinel (a blend of Chardonnay with pinot noir, making for a super summery sparkler!)

If you’re in Brentwood, this bar is most certainly worth stopping off at. They’re a friendly bunch. The drinks are very reasonably priced, with loads of choice. You get to watch the world go by. And plenty of TOWIE folk too…

Want more Slug stuff? Go to www.slugandlettuce.co.uk


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