That bee feeling

It is CHUCKING down with rain in Essex at the moment. And though it’s a Friday, bad weather does definitely have an effect on my drinking plans for the evening.

Basically, it means all I want to do is curl up somewhere cosy. Preferably with a hot chocolate, topped with cream and a rather large dash of brandy in it. I don’t care that it’s July. If it’s raining and cold I do NOT feel like going out.

I’m rather like a bee in this I’ve discovered. They will not fly if it is raining. And long periods of poor weather can seriously affect bees’ ability to make honey (who knew?!)

So, because I know how they feel (truly bees I do) these wellies have struck a chord with me. Not only are they totally cute, five per cent of the sale of Joules’ Black Bees wellies will be donated to the British Bee Keepers Association.

Katy Pearson Joules

Looking cute and keeping bees happy too

So at least the bees are happy…

Womens Print Welly in Black Bees, £39.95, Joules:


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