What’s in a (wine) glass?

I am surprisingly fussy when it comes to wine glasses. Which, considering I am possibly one of the MOST accident-prone people you will ever meet, is not really a good thing.

When packing up our house for our recent move I realised that, thanks to various good nights (and a couple of, well, average ones) we were down to just seven wine glasses. Four of which were actually Champagne flutes. Two of which we never use because they are Swarovski. And were a wedding present. And absolutely cannot be smashed. So the best way to avoid this is to basically use them about once a year. And even that’s flirting with disaster. (Seriously at a house party of a good friend, I once smashed three glasses. In less than two hours. And it wasn’t even dark.)

Wine glass - Dunnes Stores

Paul Costelloe Living, Palermo Red and White Wine Glass, £5, Dunnes Stores

Anyway, we clearly need some new glasses. But even though they are unlikely to last any length of time, I can’t bring myself to just buy any old ones. So, one month after moving in, we still haven’t got any news ones.

Wine glass - red candy

LSA Polka Wine Glasses – Set of 4, £29, Red Candy


As far as wine glasses go, this is my list. They must be: glass (obviously); heavy, but not stupidly heavy (I do want to be able to lift the thing with one hand); elegant; not chunky; not stumpy; have thin stems, which are not too long, but definitely not too short; the bowl should be neither too big or too small; delicate, but not so delicate that they basically fall apart in my hand (this has happened. Twice). Um, and they should make a nice sound when you flick them (I am aware that last point makes me sound a right twat – but I stand by it.)

Wine glass - amara

Versace Medusa Lumiere Red Wine Glass, £142, Amara

Mitigating the list that looks rather silly now I’ve actually written it down (rather than having it floating around half-formed in my mind, like snatches of a half-heard song) is the fact I’m really and truly not that fussed about having glasses that all match. In fact I am more than fine having a bit of a mismatch going on. I don’t really like matchy matchy stuff – whether it’s clothes, furniture, crockery or glassware. A little bit of randomness is good.

Wine glass Oliver Bonas

Gold Base Wine Glass, £6.50, Oliver Bonas

For that reason I’m actually thinking of buying lots of different glasses. Hence why there are a few on this page…

PS Wine DOES actually taste nicer in nice glass. And aside from my little list there are proper lists covering what you should look for. For instance, you should pick a smaller glass for white wine (to keep it chilled), larger ones for red (because you only fill it a third of the way so as it can breathe.)  When it comes to pink go for whatever looks pretty I guess! Full-bodied wines apparently taste best in slightly larger glasses, while lighter, fruitier wines like a small bowl.

Personally, I think just go with whatever glass feels good in your hand. And enjoy!

Stockist info: Dunnes Stores: www.dunnesstores.com Red Candy: www.redcandy.co.uk Amara: www.amara.com Oliver Bonas: www.oliverbonas.com




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