Just how badly do you need that glass of wine?!

We’ve all been there. It’s the end of a long, extreeeemely annoying day and all you really want is that (very) large glass of wine.

Corkscrew in hand it takes you a minute or so to get that vino decanted from bottle to your glass. But clearly, for some of us, this process just isn’t fast enough.

Enter the POWER TOOL that can open a bottle in seconds!

The Skil Power corkscrew

Do you need your glass of wine opened in seconds?

The Skil Power corkscrew works as an electric screw driver, but it also comes equipped with a corkscrew attachment, to snugly fit on top of your bottle of wine and un-screws the cork at 200rpm (that’s fast, very fast…)

And while the screw (which does sound basically like a drill) also comes with a foil cutter, wine stopper and, what seems to my not-at-all-well-trained-eye, a very high-tech five-piece tool set, it costs £50.

So the question is… just how quickly do you need that glass of wine…


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