Pink, pink, PINK!

So. Edinburgh Gin have released a new flavoured gin liqueur.

The rhubarb and ginger gin liqueur (£18, 50cl, 20 per cent abv, is a blush pink and has aromas of gin

Fans of “mother’s ruin” can sip it on its own, as a long drink with a mixer, or (this is really the way to do it) add it to a glass of your favourite fizz.

Not a fan of gin? (I’m kinda with you there…shh.) Then what about pink vodka…with SPARKLES?

Packaged in a miniature bottle (so you might not want to share it), Vom Fass’s pink-flavoured vodka (£15, 200ml, 39 per cent abv, has edible gold flakes (22 carat in case you were wondering) and is a pretty way to mix-up your sparkle vodka

And a little heads up for 2015…

Chambord-flavoured vodka is on its way. It’s French vodka with Chambord’s black raspberry flavor infused into the spirit…. hello pink vodka!

It’s apparently pretty sweet-tasting, so might be best consumed on the rocks, or shaken with a little ice.Chambord-flavor vodka
You’re welcome…


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