Sooo worth a visit

Weary of wine? Bored of beer? Stuck in a rut with your spirit choice? Weeeeell, have I found the shop for you!

Click in Leigh-on-Sea

Plenty of choice!

Clink, in the Broadway, Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, sells a range of unique flavoured liqueurs, celebrating the quintessential British spirit (Cherry Bakewell Vodka anyone?)

And their bespoke bottling service saves it from being silly expensive to try out a new tipple (or two).

Personally, I’m planning to pop back and pick up a 200ml Star Bottle (£5) and get it filled with Strawberry Vodka (£4.50 per 100ml).

But if you’re not taken by that then how about some Blackcurrant Rum? Or Apple Brandy? Or Spiced Ginger Whiskey? Or Raspberry Gin? Or…

Blow it. I think I’m gonna have to work my way through the lot of them!

PS If you’re planning your wedding they do favour-sized bottles too.

Find out more at



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