Stop the World…

… I want to get off. And have another of these hot chocolates!

Stop the World, in Leigh-on-Sea’s Broadway, is something of an institution. Before we’d even moved into the neighbourhood, we’d heard mention of it. Glowing mentions.

Then, having FINALLY moved into our new house (which happens to be just up the road), we were quickly struck by how busy this pretty café was. During the summer, every single seat outside was taken whenever we wandered past. And as the winter days drew in, the cosy glow it emitted (not to mention the sweet smells that seeped out) made it seem as inviting as roaring fire on a snowy day.

Stop the World cafe Katy Pearson

Hot chocolate at Stop the World

And when the husband and I eventually stopped by, my goodness was it easy to see what all the fuss was about.

Decked out like a vintage tea parlour Stop the World is one of those rare places where, when you step inside, it is easy to believe no bad thing could ever befall you again. Tables are tucked in as tightly as children in their beds on Christmas eve, but there’s charm in every corner.

We were lucky enough to bag a table for two by the window, where, over a spot of lunch (the croque monsieur was to die for), we could watch the world (or a bit of Leigh at least) go by.

Reluctant to leave this cosy café haven, I ordered a hot chocolate, the likes of which I have never tasted before. It was pure indulgence, from the fluffy cream to the chocolate spoon (yes, there was an *actual* chocolate spoon in it) and there was plenty of it (the husband had to help me as I could not finish it!)

In short, it might have taken us a long time to visit, but we will certainly be back again!

PS The cakes are ah-mazing too. This is me with one of their cupcakes (which came wrapped in a proper chic little box) on my (whisper it) 30th birthday.

Katy Pearson cake

Make a wish!

For more information, to check out the menus, or to just look at pictures of some fab cakes, go to


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