£10 Champagne…er, yes please!

So, you know the saying ‘Champagne tastes on a beer budget’?

Well, that could have been written for me. I am always skint. And I am always looking longingly towards to bottles of Champagne that line the shelves of even the most down-market of shops, never able to justify spending ALL THAT on ONE bottle of good stuff.

However, the game might just have changed.

 Charles Montaine Champagne

Charles Montaine Champagne

I’ve just discovered Iceland sell a £10 bottle of Champagne (£10! TEN POUNDS!). And it’s nice. Really nice.

Charles Montaine Champagne is a blend of Pinot Noit, Meunier and Chardonnay which works together to make a soft fruity drink.

And it’s £10.

So, er, I suggest that’s why mums shop at Iceland…

Charles Montaine Champagne, £10, Iceland: groceries.iceland.co.uk


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