Ooo a free cocktail!

Two of London’s South West establishments have come up with special flower cocktails to celebrate the Chelsea Flower Show (happening from 20th to the 24th of May. In case you didn’t know.)

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Sakura at Sake no Hana

One would surely have to be the most miserable of persons not to feel a sprinkle of joy at the sight of cherry blossom adorning branches throughout the country.

The delicate pink petals are proof positive that the long winter is over and sunshine is on its way. Truly, it’s a sight that makes me more than a little bit happy.

So I greeted the news that Sake No Hana was celebrating the arrival of spring with a pop-up Japanese Cherry Blossom Secret Garden with something of a squeal.

Sake No Hana - Katy Pearson

The Hanami Bellini Cocktail. It’s a little bit lush

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The Monterrico at Nightjar

I don’t like rum. I never have. My dad adores it – in pretty much all its guises. But rum and me? Well, we’ve never really hit it off.

But I do like a cocktail (as you may well have gathered.) And I love chocolate. So I was prepared to give rum-based cocktail The Monterrico a go.

And good golly, was that a good idea!

The Monterrico at Nightjar. Beats an Easter egg everytime...

The Monterrico at Nightjar. Beats an Easter egg everytime…

The Monterrico, available over Easter Weekend exclusively at Nightjar, is made with Ron Zacapa. This is a crucial fact. Ron Zacapa is the pinnacle of super premium rums. Which in short means it’s a rum that’s actually nice. (Indeed so stunned was I by this fact I did actually drink a shot of Ron Zacapa 23 neat to check that it wasn’t the rest of the bits in the cocktail making it so moreish. It wasn’t.)

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There’s Cava at the finish line!

Approximately 30,000 people will take on the London Marathon this Sunday.

These brave (and very fit) souls will run 26.2 miles (42.2kms) through the streets of our capital, in aid of very good causes.

I haven’t ever run one. And, to be honest, I doubt I ever will. But last weekend my sister completed her first one. She ran the Brighton Marathon, for Cancer Research UK, in under four hours (3.53.47 to be precise.)

As promised... Cava at the finish line

As promised… Cava at the finish line

My contribution to this marvellous effort? Well, when she started training months ago I said I would watch, drink some wine, and have a bottle of pink fizz for her at the finish line.

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An *actual* beer pump

So, obviously, I’m not actually going to try this myself (beer, ew) but the fellas might enjoy it.

Earlham Street Clubhouse, the 90s American-inspired cocktail and pizza joint in the heart of Covent Garden, today introduced a custom made, vintage Esso gas-pump-turned-beer-pump.

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Champagne afternoon tea at BB Bakery

Oh Champagne afternoon tea, let me count the ways I love thee…

BB Bakery, in Covent Garden is arguably one of the cutest spots in town. Utterly girly, it’s a confectionery-lover’s candy-coated dream.

On Sunday Mills & Boon hosted a Champagne tea there – and it’s hard to imagine a sweeter spot for it.

Katy Pearson BB Bakery

A confectionery-lover’s candy-coated dream!

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Cocktails at PACATA London

There are few things finer, I have found, than cocktails on a Friday night with a friend.

Katy Pearson

Helloo Friday!

So it was something of a delight to head to the launch party of Pacata in New Row, London, at the end of the working week.

The brand new pan-Asian restaurant, owned by beer giants Singha, is now to be found inside a Grade II listed building, nestled in the heart of Covent Garden. It’s an intimate, rather quirky little spot – and Yasuji Morizumi, the first Michelin starred Ramen chef, has designed the venue’s menu.

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