The Mariners Court, a new local?

We’ve just moved house. And as far an I’m concerned one of the VERY FIRST things you have to do when moving to a new town is to find yourself a lush local – or two.

So, having finally gotten the keys to our new place and lugged boxes inside for an unseemly amount of time, we admitted defeat and wandered off to find a watering hole.

We didn’t have to go far before we came across the Mariners Court (in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex.) Now, prior to buying our place we hadn’t exactly heard good things about this pub.

Katy Pearson the Mariners Court

A 200ml bottle of fizz? That’ll do for me… (Guinness for the husband, of course)

But for a rather dusty pair of new-to-towners it was exactly what we needed. The sun was shining so the glass doors onto the Broadway were wide open, there were pretty hanging baskets, the barman was friendly and they did a 200ml bottle of fizz.

That’s right. Fizz basically by the glass (though it was in a mini bottle.) This is NOT to be sniffed at. The vast majority of pubs (and, believe me, I’ve been in a few!) only sell fizz by the (proper sized) bottle. Continue reading


Pub life

When my husband and I held our wedding reception at our local pub (The White Horse, in Coxtie Green, Essex, for those of you who are interested!) we were, it seemed at the time, in something of a minority.

All the weddings I had ever attended were (with one glorious exception in Sicily) at fabulous country manors, or super plush hotels, or castles.

Tying the knot at the cute church behind your house and then enjoying pie and mash and a pint or two (that’s the fellas, obviously.  I stuck happily to Moet & Chandon Rose Imperial) was seen by rather a few of our friends and family as pretty quaint and a little unusual.

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