That bee feeling

It is CHUCKING down with rain in Essex at the moment. And though it’s a Friday, bad weather does definitely have an effect on my drinking plans for the evening.

Basically, it means all I want to do is curl up somewhere cosy. Preferably with a hot chocolate, topped with cream and a rather large dash of brandy in it. I don’t care that it’s July. If it’s raining and cold I do NOT feel like going out. Continue reading


Cocktails at TESCO?! Yes really…

So supermarkets. They haven’t exactly been the first word in glamour over the years, have they?

They’re cold (damn those fridge and freezer aisles), vast (just how many different types of toilet cleaner do you need?!) and you ALWAYS end up pushing a trolley with a wheel that’s having its own little party.

Safe to say, I don’t exactly relish doing our weekly shop.

But yesterday, things changed a little.

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