£10 Champagne…er, yes please!

So, you know the saying ‘Champagne tastes on a beer budget’?

Well, that could have been written for me. I am always skint. And I am always looking longingly towards to bottles of Champagne that line the shelves of even the most down-market of shops, never able to justify spending ALL THAT on ONE bottle of good stuff.

However, the game might just have changed.

 Charles Montaine Champagne

Charles Montaine Champagne

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I get my hands on a porn star

So, porn stars? I can’t say they’ve ever really done anything for me. They always seem a bit dramatic and not necessarily that tasty.

But clearly I’ve been missing out.

My pal Emma and I were long overdue a catch-up. So after a little bit of a debate, we decided to take a trip to the Vine, in Leigh Road, Leigh-on-Sea.

Katy Pearson porn star

Me getting to grips with my porn star martini on a comfy Chesterfield

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Champagne sales fall as we turn to cheaper sparkling wines

It’s hardly the most surprising of news (there has been something of a recession after all) but Champagne shipments to the UK dropped last year.

And research shows that sales of cheaper sparkling wines like cava and prosecco soared during the same period of time.

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A match made (almost) in heaven

There are some combinations in life that just work. Fred and Ginger. Morecambe and Wise. Del Boy and Rodney.

Pink Champagne and a slice of Peggy Porschen cake is one such classic combo.

Katy Pearson

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So wrong, but oh so right!

I am firmly of the belief that a little bit of what you fancy never did anyone any harm.

But that doesn’t mean I can’t see that, in theory, combining a rather nice bottle of Champagne with two saveloy and a big portion of chips isn’t a good idea.

But in reality, it’s bloody nice.

Champagne and chips

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London’s Highest High Tea

Anna, the 7th Duchess of Bedford, popularised afternoon tea in the 19th century as a way to combat that ‘sinking feeling’ during the late afternoon.

Today, there are arguably few better ways to catch up with an old friend than over afternoon tea – with Champagne.

So when Paramount announced it was now offering London’s highest high tea it was only a matter of time before I’d be booking myself in.

High Tea at Paramount

On a sunny Saturday afternoon the view from floor 32 of Paramount was as spectacular as it promised to be.

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