Four fab… supermarket Proseccos

This summer I have adored sipping a flute of fizz topped by a strawberry (or two!) in our garden. But this is clearly not the cheapest of pastimes. As such, I’ve made a bit of a habit of seeking our the nicest – and crucially – best value bottles of Prosecco from supermarkets.

After some (not really tough at all research) these are my four favs…

Supermarket Prosecco

Summertime is made for sipping Prosecco in the garden

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So wrong, but oh so right!

I am firmly of the belief that a little bit of what you fancy never did anyone any harm.

But that doesn’t mean I can’t see that, in theory, combining a rather nice bottle of Champagne with two saveloy and a big portion of chips isn’t a good idea.

But in reality, it’s bloody nice.

Champagne and chips

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